See The Difference

Perf-form - Microglass / synthetic
enhanced media at 50x magnification. Not all Perf-form medias are identical.

All PERF-FORM Oil Filters incorporate leading edge technology in Motorcycle oil filtration with the use of Microglass/synthetic enhanced filtration media.

S.A.E. Technical papers report the greatly increased efficiency of glass enhanced filter media for particle retention capabilities in the 4 to 22 micron range, the particle size most effective in greatly reducing engine wear. Glass enhanced media also provides the added benefit of higher levels of dirt holding capacity without increased flow restriction (back pressure).

Electron Scanning Microscope photos illustrate the fine particle catching fibers woven in the Microglass enhanced media. This NEW TECHNOLOGY filter media is considerably more costly than standard cellulose media, however we believe the enhanced filtration qualities that DIRECTLY TRANSLATE INTO LONGER ENGINE LIFE justify the cost.

All PERF-FORM Filters have correct pressure relief valving and flow rates in accordance with the Original Manufacturer's specifications.


Cellulose Media at 50x magnification